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Quick kimchi recipe
Slice the cabbage into 2.5cm strips. Tip into a bowl, mix with 1 tbsp sea salt, then set aside for 1 hr. Meanwhile, make the kimchi paste by blending the garlic, ginger, fish sauce (if using), chilli sauce, sugar and rice vinegar together in a small bowl.
Traditional Kimchi Recipe
If you love authentic Korean cuisine, you’ll want to try your hand at creating your own kimchi; it’s not as complicated or time-consuming as you might think.
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Kimchi Recipe
If I had to name my favorite cuisine, it would be a toss-up between Vietnamese and Korean. Both offer charbroiled meats, pickled or marinated vegetables, and a lively and sometimes spicy array of seasonings. What’s not to like? Most unfamiliar ethnic foods become instantly accessible if you take a trip to a local shop to stock up on a few specific ingredients. It wasn’t until
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Spicy Cabbage Kimchi Recipe
Kimchi, a popular Korean dish, is best described as a spicy, slightly sweet, pickled or fermented cabbage. I spent a year in South Korea and fell in LOVE with Kimchi! My friend Myong was kind enough to share her recipe and technique with me. Some ingredients
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Kimchi, spicy, fermented pickle that invariably accompanies a Korean meal. The vegetables most commonly used in its preparation are celery cabbage, Chinese turnip, and cucumber. The prepared vegetables are sliced, highly seasoned with red pepper, onion, and
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Kimchi is a fermented vegetable dish from Korea. Discover how it is made, how to store it correctly and how to select the best shop-bought kimchi. Choose the best kimchi This is strictly according to personal taste, based on ingredients and length of fermentation.
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Korean Food
Kimchi is a national Korean dish consisting of fermented chili peppers and vegetables, usually based on cabbage. It is suspected that the name kimchi originated from shimchae (salting of vegetable) which went through some phonetic changes: shimchae > dimchae > kimchae > kimchi…
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